BBC on books

What I find most interesting in this interview is that a book retailer considers this the “Golden Age” of publishing. Really? He must stock a good deal of Adam Smith on his shelves, tucked somewhere next to the Ayn Rand section…

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Digital publishing is not necessarily revolutionary any longer so let’s not be afraid of joining the debate.

From this very morning, for example:

and more:

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Welcome to Epistol

Welcome to the official blog of Epistol, a new digital publishing company based in London, UK, with global distribution. Here you will find some context and discussion of those discursive ideas dear to us and, probably, to our readers and writers as well. For more information about Epistol, please visit or scroll through newer posts. You can also find us, of course, at facebook ( and twitter (@digEpistol). Follow us, inspire us, send us your work.

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